Santa’s Workshop at Delco in December

by Sandy Masayko

Several parents of children who attend Easter Seals in Delaware County joined Laurie McGowan, Assistive Technology Specialist, and Sandy Masayko, Director of AT, in a workshop to adapt toys. The parents learned how to adapt battery powered electronic toys with a battery interrupter to make the toys accessible by switches, and they constructed adapted crayon holders from PVC pipes. They also learned how to adapt stacking blocks using adhesive magnets, to make a “coloring car” from Duplo ™ pieces and clothespins to hold a crayon, and to adapt puzzle pieces and action figures with magnets, shower rings, wooden knobs and Velcro loops. Look for pictures of the adaptations on the Easter Seals web site under Assistive Technology–to be posted soon!

The workshop will be offered upon request at other sites.

Delco Parent Workshop 12

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