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Ambassador Update – Dominique

Dominique was an ambassador for Walk With Me in 2013 and has been keeping busy since then! Her mom shares what she has been up to…

Dominique continues to be the happiest, hardest working person I know. Her persistence and determination has helped her expand her vocabulary through the use of her iPad. With this advancement in communication, we have learned a lot about Dominique and her adorable, funny personality. We have learned that Dominique loves the Frog Song. But only the version she learned from Miss Jennifer’s class while she was at Easter Seals. She also enjoys dancing and listening to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. She has also made it quite clear that she does not like moms out of tune version. In her spare time she lets us know that she would like to stop at the Starbucks for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino and check out the toy department at Target which she refers to as the “Target Playground.” She has also taught herself to play the piano. She loves to go on YouTube to find songs and piano tutorials so she can replicate on her piano. Currently, through the help of her piano teacher and therapist, she is working on The Beatles, “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” I just want to hold hers forever.


Ambassador Update

Will was an Honorary Ambassador for Walk With Me two years ago. Since then, he has been pretty busy doing some amazing things. His mom share some of his progress…

This is a new picture of Will, he has grown a lot since his last picture!
He has been working hard and we are excited to report that he started kindergarten this year. He misses his Easter Seals friends but to our pleasant surprise he is in a special class with a few of his former Easter Seals classmates.

Will is working very hard on his standing and walking. He knows a lot of his colors and shapes. This is because he is really working on his vision therapy. He can now see approximately 18 feet! His CVI vision specialist was very impressed with his progress when we saw her in September.

Will is also doing normal 7 year old stuff like flying with us to Florida  over thanksgiving and was able to sit up by himself in the plane with no car seat. More recently, over Christmas break, he lost his two front teeth! (And I thought he couldn’t get any cuter!)

image1 image3

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New to the family

by Jeanine Johnson

I’m a recent recruit to the Easter Seals family. I’ve been hired in a newly created Data Secretary position. And yes, the job is as glamorous as the title implies!

All jokes aside, every position contributes to the success of the organization running smoothly and fulfilling its mission. My welcome by the staff has been extraordinary. The transition has been seamless. I’d like to share with you something that has started over the last week or so, that makes me smile until my cheeks hurt. There is this student here named Max. He has extremely limited mobility. I met him and we instantly clicked. He now greets me by forming kissing motions with his lips. I blow kisses back. He obviously knows the universal language of love. We both smile from ear to ear and it keeps me smiling for a long time after. I don’t think I could have anticipated such a wonderful perk when I decided to join Easter Seals. It’s a daily reminder of the importance of the purpose we serve and the potential joy we can give and receive from simple acts!

New friends