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MLK Day of Service, Vanguard Financial Services

by John Podgajny

On Monday, 1/19/15, Easter Seals of SEPA-Philadelphia Division once again was the grateful recipient of assistance from Volunteers from Vanguard Financial Services. Brian Podgajny, Project Coordinator and Team Leader, recruited the Vanguard staff to assist with the Easter Seals project. He was joined by Mike Morrisey, Dennis Hagan, Michael Barr, Adam Wint, Steven Egee and Michael Podgajny. The Vanguard Team was joined by a team from Moon Landscaping (arranged by Ken Dunmire, Account Manager) who donated a chipper and two laborers to dispose of all of the debris. Together with John Podgajny (Division Director) and Rob McNeil (Maintenance), this crew worked for 5 hours to cut, trim and clear overgrown trees, shrubs and brush from the rear property at the Joseph X. Yaffe Center on Conshohocken Avenue in Philadelphia. Their efforts significantly improved the appearance of the property.

This project marks the 2nd year that Vanguard volunteers have supported Easter Seals in projects for which Easter Seals currently lacks financial resources. This is the 2nd phase of an effort to clear the entire rear property boundary and restore it to original condition. The expense of a similar project completed several years ago was approximately $3,500! The efforts of the team allowed Easter Seals to direct similar financial resources to the services it provides for the children and families served in the five-County area.

Many thanks to Brian Podgajny and to Kyra Scalea, Project Manager for Culture and Inclusion in Vanguard Human Resources, for their support in registering Easter Seals of SEPA in the Vanguard MLK Day of Service activities. We look forward to hopefully having their help again in 2016!

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Valentine’s Day Games and Ideas

Valentine’s is a great time for crafts and activities with kids. This blog post has some great ideas that are not only fun, but also help meet therapeutic needs!

Starfish Therapies


With Valentine’s Day coming up, you can make this day special for your kids as well. Here are some fun ideas that you and your kids can participate in together, while learning, and working on some gross and fine motor skills. Have fun!

1)   Scavenger Hunt: Hide a bunch of hearts or valentines all over the house or room. Place these items in hard to reach spots so your kids will have to get on their hands and knees (quadruped position), tip toes, or run to find them. Quadruped position will help build shoulder, core and leg strength; while tip toes works on calf strength, which will allow for more power with jumping, skipping, and running!

2)   Heart Hop: Cut out large construction paper hearts and tape to them to the floor. Have your kids help so they can work on their cutting and fine motor skills. Put…

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Quilts For Kids’ gifts to the Bucks County Division

by Adrienne Young

Quilts for Kids Incorporated is a national non-profit organization that provides brightly colored quilts for children, especially those with special needs or kids that are hospitalized for short or long stays. The beautiful quilts are made by volunteers. The organization began in Lower Bucks County and is now international.


We were so excited in Bucks when we received a call from one of the Quilts for Kids volunteers asking if we would like quilts for all of our students. Our Friendship Academy and Approved Private school students were each given a choice of which quilt they would like to take home. Our students and families are so appreciative to this organization for thinking of us.