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The Friendship Academy – A Parent’s Perspective

by Megan Ward

What I love most about The Friendship Academy is how excited my son is at the end of the day to tell me all about of the wonderful things that he did at school. From gardening, to cooking, to Yoga, to playing on their awesome playground, he is always doing something interesting and fun while learning and developing socially at the same time. His first day back after a two week summer break, the first thing that he did was tell his teacher, Ms. Jane, that he missed her so much and gave her a big hug. It makes me so happy and content as a mother to know that my son is somewhere where he feels comfortable and where not only the teachers and aids, but the director and administrators really know him, care about him, and are passionate about helping him grow.

I really enjoy reading the daily feedback that I receive from my son’s teacher because it shows me that he is getting one-on-one attention and that his individual likes and dislikes are being considered. It also helps us to know what types of activities he is really enjoying and excelling at and what things may need some extra encouragement so that we can work with him at home as well. I also really appreciated that The Friendship Academy was willing to assist us with potty training, earlier this year, allowing our son to go at his own pace and never once making him, or my husband and I, feel like he wasn’t doing things fast enough.

Overall, I think that discovering The Friendship Academy and enrolling our son was the best thing that we could have done for him. I was impressed from the moment we stepped in the door and met the director to take a tour and this school has continued to exceed my expectations. We have watched him grow tremendously over the past year in so many new ways and are more than happy to have the teachers and staff at The Friendship Academy as part of his daily life. Our younger son will be starting there in September and we cannot be more excited for him to begin his preschool journey and to watch him grow.