Monthly Archives: July 2015

Moving Up

The end of the school year is a time to celebrate. Staff, children and their families have worked hard throughout the year to achieve goals that are designed to increase independence. Some of the accomplishments are big, like walking or talking (either verbally or with the help of a communication device). Others may be a bit more subtle, like increased attention or social skills. Whatever the accomplishment may be, the time, dedication and effort put into every one was big.

The end of the year also means, for some of children, it is time to transition. We have loved the opportunity to work with every child. As they transition we celebrate them in Moving Up Ceremonies. Staff, families and students come together for the celebration. The music therapist helps to lead the children in songs and the children receive certificates. It is beautiful moment in which the success of each child can be truly celebrated.

Though the children are “moving up” staff will be available to help families through the transition process. Some children will also be here for school in the summer. No matter where they are, they are forever in our hearts!