Wheelchair hockey – post game interview

by Kathryn Wallace

Sean is an outpatient client with Easter Seals. This interview was conducted following a game with his power wheelchair floor hockey team.

Interviewer: I am here with Sean Hesser after his third game with the Philadelphia Power Play Team. How are you feeling right now?

Sean: I am exhausted and I keep breaking sticks every time. Sometimes I get a little frustrated but my team won.

Interviewer: Your team won. Congratulations!

Sean: Yes, 8-6

Interviewer: How did your sticks break while you were playing?

Sean: The coach told me I was too aggressive. I kept bumping into others accidentally. Somehow the red button for pushed on the back of my chair.

Interviewer: What is the red button, Sean?

Sean: It causes the chair to stop.

Interviewer: I see you spent some time in the penalty box. Why?

Sean: I just kept banging into people.

Interviewer: Do you use anything other than the stick to block the ball?

Sean: I basically use my body, my leg and it could be the wheel.

Interviewer: Have you ever gotten hurt?

Sean: Nope.

Interviewer: Tell me about your assist.

Sean: Well, it hit the wheel on the right side. And you know how people do it with their skate and they just hit it. That was it.

Interviewer: I also noticed you don’t play defense. Do you have a choice in what you can play?

Sean: I just did that three games ago. I asked the coach if I could changes positions and he said sure. And I moved to left wing because I am good at speed.

Interviewer: Do you like defense better?

Sean: I like offense better. It is all over the place and I move around more.

Interviewer: How does your team feel about you being so vocal on the bench?

Sean: I tell them to force it, pressure, shoot. I was a coach. I have seen people do that.

Interviewer: What happens when people crash? Is that why you got your penalty?

Sean: I accidentally smashed into her with my chair. It’s called ramming or roughing.

Interviewer: That was my last question. Do you have anything else you want to add.

Sean: At least my team won with a 2 goal game.

Sean 1 copy

Sean 2 copy

Kathryn is a physical therapist at Easter Seals


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