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Ambassador Update

Will was an Honorary Ambassador for Walk With Me two years ago. Since then, he has been pretty busy doing some amazing things. His mom share some of his progress…

This is a new picture of Will, he has grown a lot since his last picture!
He has been working hard and we are excited to report that he started kindergarten this year. He misses his Easter Seals friends but to our pleasant surprise he is in a special class with a few of his former Easter Seals classmates.

Will is working very hard on his standing and walking. He knows a lot of his colors and shapes. This is because he is really working on his vision therapy. He can now see approximately 18 feet! His CVI vision specialist was very impressed with his progress when we saw her in September.

Will is also doing normal 7 year old stuff like flying with us to Florida  over thanksgiving and was able to sit up by himself in the plane with no car seat. More recently, over Christmas break, he lost his two front teeth! (And I thought he couldn’t get any cuter!)

image1 image3

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