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And now, they can play

by Melanie O’Brien

It was rainy day when the 200 volunteers came out to build a playground. The work was hard, but worth it, when considering the outcome. The children we serve would have access to a playground that could meet just not the basic need for play, but also their therapeutic needs.

And it turns out, the playground is just as amazing as we hoped it would be! There were smiles and squeals of delight. There was play and brilliant therapists who seamlessly incorporated therapeutic activities into that play. And thanks to Century 21 Alliance, KaBOOM! and the many other donors and volunteers, there is an infinite number of opportunities of play and learning, just like the ones we captured in these pictures.

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Small guestures can turn into big things…

The new building in Bucks County is everything it needs to be….bright, accessible, state-of-the-art and able to meet our current and future needs. Yet, there is something missing.

A playground.

For the children we serve, a playground is more than an opportunity for creativity, fresh air and learning. The playground is an extension of the beautiful building and the role it plays in helping the children we serve gain greater independence. The playground helps meet the therapeutic needs of the children who benefit from our services.

Through the support of KaBOOM! and CENTURY 21 Alliance, we are working to make the playground a reality. Parents, children and staff came together to design their dream playground and now we are turning to the community to help make that dream a reality. We have created a crowd funding campaign at IndieGoGO to support this dream. Please consider being a part of the campaign!

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Adaptable swings are a favorite!

playground for web

The current playground can not meet the needs of the children we serve


parents, children and staff worked together to design the perfect playground!