Meet Brody

by Melanie O’Brien


Brody has a rare genetic disorder and scoliosis. However, what truly makes this 4-year-old unique is his outgoing personality. Brody began receiving home-based services shortly after he was born. His parents have a long history with Easter Seals through their volunteer efforts and knew it would be perfect for his center-based services. On his third birthday, Brody began preschool at our Delaware County Division. He loves school, everything from riding the bus to singing during circle time. His passion for school is clear when you look at all he has accomplished in a year. Brody is walking with a walker, and taking up to 15 independent steps. He can now use a spoon to eat. His speech is constantly improving and if you can’t understand what he is saying, he’ll give you a sign as he’s also using sign language to communicate. At home you can find Brody looking at books or working on puzzles. He loves to watch his favorite movie, Toy Story. His real passion, though, is music. He loves everything from “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” to “Uptown Funk”. Brody also loves going for donuts, which is a favorite Sunday tradition with his parents. When you meet him, it’s easy to see why people are so charmed by this sweet boy!

Brody is one of our honorary ambassadors for Walk With Me this year. Register for our Walk, which is June 4th at the Philadelphia Zoo, and meet Brody and our other ambassadors. It is a family friendly event that features a 5k, fun walk, music, food and fun!

1 thought on “Meet Brody

  1. Joann Simone

    Thank you for all that you do every day to help this adorable little man, as well as the many children who benefit from the Easter Seals organization!


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