Ambassador Update – JJ

JJ was an Honorary Ambassador for Walk With Me two years in a row! His mom shares what he has been up to since the last Walk.

JJ has been doing great since graduating from Easter Seals this past June.  He misses all his friends, teachers and therapists, but has been fortunate to keep in touch with some of them.

He started Kindergarten in September at a private school in Philadelphia and has been thriving. He has started babbling more and tries to repeat words and songs tunes.  JJ has also learned to independently switch  between 2 games on his iPad. All that OT paid off!! He does continue to receive services at school – OT, PT, ST and Vision.

His new found obsession is watching the Family Feud with Steve Harvey! He LOVES his man “Eve” and we must watch every night!  Thankfully the family likes the show too.

JJ can’t wait for June to see some old friends at the Walk With Me event!!




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