A Life Gone Too Soon

by Jennifer Greener


Samar Day-Williams (Sunrise 10/03/2009-Sunset 10/30/2015), a student in the Starfish classroom at the Yaffe Center passed away this week.

Patricia Fitzmyer, his loving teacher had the following to say.

Samar started preschool in September 2013 at our Delaware CO. campus. Samar lit up his classroom. He transferred to Philadelphia in September 2014 and became a member of the Starfish classroom. He had a sunny disposition and a big smile. He loved the life of the classroom and enjoyed being handled by the classroom staff. He loved circle and music time and used a switch to participate in activities. He liked to touch and feel different materials, especially if they were shiny and reflective. He loved books and being read to and would follow the pictures, especially when they were highlighted by a flashlight. He smiled and vocalized when he was in the platform swing and really enjoyed movement. He liked the vibration of the vibrio music massage chair.

He will be missed by his classmates and all of his friends at Easter Seals.

Samar’s family did not have a life insurance policy and are unable to meet the financial costs associated with his burial. In order to help his family meet his final expenses, a go-fund-me page has been created. Any donations that are made will be appreciated to help loved ones pay their respects and ensure that he is properly laid to rest. Please visit http://Gofundme.com/vq7rn3j8.

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