The Beauty of Toy Organization!

by Kathryn Wallace

I am an Early Intervention Physical Therapist who works with children from birth to 2 years of age in their natural environment. I wanted to share these easy tips to keeping playtime more organized and purposeful. For me, it leads to more productive Physical Therapy sessions in the home.

Each set of toys has a place.
  • The child, pictured above, knows where to put the toys away. For example, each of the stacking cups and books are in separate bins.
Make sure the toys are accessible and the child can see all of the toys when he/she looks into the bin.
  • A toy box filled with smaller toys is very overwhelming for a child. Instead, put dress up or larger stuffed animals in there.
Less is better
  • Children learn through play. When they are presented with too many toys they have a tendency throw or dump the toys. It is important to sit down and teach a child how to use the toy. The child will attend better if there are fewer options.

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