Edward’s Experience

by Megan Briel

Easter Seals has been a blessing for my son and my family.

My son is developmentally delayed and finding a school for him to grow and learn in almost felt impossible. Finding a school that fit his needs and that could provide a safe and positive environment was a difficult process for my family. Then we found Easter Seals.

Easter Seals has provided an outstanding learning environment for my son and we could not be more thankful. Before my son attended Easter Seals he could barely sit up on his own, he was non-verbal and did not interact with others. With the dedicated teachers and staff and the significant amount of support we have received through the school, my son is now verbal, he can interact appropriately with others, and he is now walking with little assistance.

The progress he made almost seems like a miracle, but in reality it is not, because Easter Seals has worked unbelievably hard to help my son achieve the goals that have been put in place for him. The staff at Easter Seals has promoted a positive and reinforcing atmosphere for my son. They have also taught my family the ways of their teaching methods so that we can continue to teach him at home.

For any parent, looking for a safe, positive, fun and educational learning experience for their child’s early education is difficult. My family found Easter Seals and the school amazes me to this day. I am proud to have my child attend this school and for any other parents looking for a school that is full of dedicated, committed and genuine teachers as well as staff, I recommend Easter Seals.

Calling Easter Seals a blessing is an understatement, but words cannot describe how grateful we are to have our son attend this amazing program. Words cannot describe how remarkable this program really is, but the look and smile on my son’s face when we drop him off at school says it all. We thank you Easter Seals for giving my son an equal opportunity, the chance to keep progressing, and most important providing a safe and positive atmosphere for my son to enjoy every day!

2 thoughts on “Edward’s Experience

  1. Adrienne Aiken Young

    Thank you Megan for writing such a beautiful blog. We are over the moon that Eddie has made so much progress since coming to school. We look forward to seeing how much more he will achieve this upcoming school year. Thank you for all of the hard work that you do as his Mom to help Eddie progress as much as he has!


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