Gingerbread Houses

This time of year is rich in traditions. The traditions are as varied as the people that celebrate them, yet equally special to those that cherish them.

For many years, staff, students and families have been celebrating a very sweet tradition in Philadelphia. Each year, families come in to participate in the gingerbread workshop with their child. Staff chips in with the necessary building supplies….wafer cookies (a gingerbread industry standard in roofing), gum drops (a versatile tool in both decor and landscaping) and all the little things that help make a gingerbread house a sweet symbol of the holidays. At this event they are building not just houses, but also memories.

The gingerbread workshop is also a great time for the children to demonstrate skills they have been working on this year. They have learned about holiday traditions through books and their fine motor skills are put to good use. It is also a great time for families to come together with staff and celebrate.

We hope your traditions are just as sweet and just as fun.

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