Meet Paige

by Melanie O’Brien

There are so many amazing children we have the opportunity to serve! And when the kids are amazing, you can bet their families are too! Walk With Me is a great opportunity to meet some amazing children and their families and we are so thrilled Paige is one our honorary ambassadors this year.

Meet Paige….

Paige is one of the most fashionable five-year-olds you will ever meet! Her stylist (mom) keeps her looking good…but Paige always brings the most important accessory that truly brings the look together…her smile! Paige’s smile and sparkling eyes make every look amazing. Paige has cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, chronic lung disease and global developmental delays, which have resulted in countless surgeries and hospitalizations, but she is rarely without that smile. When it came time for her to attend school, her parents chose Easter Seals. They loved the staff and are now truly enjoying the new building, Paige loves going down the long bright hallway and looking through the windows. With the help of teachers and therapists, she has become more attentive and has increased her communication skills, perfect for a little girl who just loves to be around people! When you meet her, you will find it impossible not to fall in love with her. Her love of life, which includes theater, music, reading and even skating touches everyone around her!


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