Meet Reggie

by Melanie O’Brien

Walk With Me is our biggest event, yet our Honorary Ambassadors and their families, and everyone who comes out to support them, make it the most personal. Walk With Me is an amazing day at the Philadelphia Zoo that has impact that lasts all year long.

One of our ambassadors this year is Reggie. He is a shining example of how when you combine the expertise and passion and Easter Seals staff and an amazing family, a child can really shine!

Meet Reggie….

Reggie has a laugh so great that just hearing it will make you smile. And lucky for us, this sweet five-year-old loves to laugh! So much so, that he will actually put your hands in his favorite tickle spots. Reggie has autism, which can make communication a challenge, but when it comes to what he wants, he knows how to make it happen. Reggie has been attending Easter Seals autistic support class since he was three. Since then he has become much more social, learned to dress himself and has gone from the boy who avoided touching things to just plain unstoppable! When he isn’t wowing teachers and therapists at Easter Seals with his progress and ever-happy personality you can find him doing some of his favorite things. He loves visiting as many parks with his mom as possible and taking a spin on his awesome big wheel with his dad. Reggie loves to be outside! But when he is home, there is nothing better than pizza and singing and dancing along with Mickey!


Reggie in his classroom


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